Transversal Cutting and Sorting Board Scanners

iCross family of scanners delivers highly capable 4 sided transversal scanning machines. Supporting color and 3D lumber inspection, they can be used in primary or secondary manufacturing for sorting or optimized cutting. Optional x-ray stations enable the machines to be used for strength grading applications. In-house developed AI technology and many other proprietary machine vision algorithms provide accurate defect detection on lumber surface. High speed board transport coupled with accurate defect detection technology, high production yields are ensured. Rules for cutting and sorting can comply with various standards or be completely customized according to individual requirements.
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Incorporated AI Technology

In-house developed AI technology coupled with machine vision algorithms deliver impeccable detection capabilities. 4 sided lumber inspection offers possibilities for cutting or sorting applications. High performance is guaranteed.
AI powered defect detection
Speed up to 250 boards/min
<0.1 mm scanning accuracy
Variety of possible board dimensions

Configure the Scanner

Scanning rows (select)
Boards are running on a chain conveyor. If 1 row is installed entire board is covered, but there are blind spots in the chain areas. If 2 rows are installed there are no blind spots.
Scanning channels (select)
Scanner can have color scanning, 3D scanning or color + 3D scanning capabilities. See detection specifications for the difference below.
Strength grading (select)
Optionally, strength grading is supported with the use of x-ray technology.
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Board Optimization

Board Optimization

Board optimization software for cutting is included as standard. Based on standards or predefined rules, the scanner will automatically optimize cutting patterns for maximum yield outputs. Autonomous cross or rip cutting, based on detected defects and desired classifications, ensures optimal results. Communication and control of cutting machinery allow for high-speed operations.

Bow, Crook, Twist and Cup

Software for dimension/shape error detection is included as standard. Every board is measured while bow, crook, twist and cup are detected. Boards with curvatures larger than allowed are rejected from the production process. Rules for curvatures allowed are set by operators or preset to comply with standards. Connection with other SMARTI scanners and control of the production machinery is always included as standard.

Optional Face Scanning

Both board faces are scanned for flipping purposes. Annual rings are accurately detected, while every lamella is virtually positioned to a place in the log. At the same time pith is recognized, providing impeccable position inspection. For finger jointing or other gluing applications, orientation of the board is important for end product quality. Yield and overall production performance are increased.
Face Scanning
iCross Scanning Channels

Multiple Scanning Channels

Utilizing 3D laser triangulation and color scanning technology. Surface defects are accurately detected. With optional x-ray technology strength grading is also supported.
3D laser triangulation
Pointwise x-ray


Use Cases







Product iCross
Color + 3D laser triangulation
Board length up to 6200 mm
Optional strength grading with x-ray stations
Speed up to 250 boards/min
<0.1 mm scanning accuracy

iCross S

Product iCross S
Color + 3D laser triangulation
Board length up to 4200 mm
Optional strength grading with x-ray stations
Speed up to 250 boards/min
<0.1 mm scanning accuracy
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