One Side Board Inspection

iOne scanner is an advanced inspection machine for 1 side 3D and color board scanning. System can be used either for cutting or sorting applications. In-house developed AI technology coupled with high performance proprietary machine vision algorithms deliver accurate defect detection. High speed board transport and accurate defect detection provide for high yield production. Operators can set up custom rules for cutting and sorting or the machine can work in accordance with standards. Scanner can be used for a wide variety of use cases and end products.
iOne brochure
iOne 2

AI is the Solution

All the defects on one board surface are detected and classified with the use of advanced AI technology and machine vision algorithms. 3D measurements contribute to the machine usability and performance.
AI powered defect detection
Speed more than 500 m/min
<0.1 mm scanning accuracy
Variety of possible board dimensions

Board Optimization

Board optimization software for cutting is included as standard. Based on standards or predefined rules, the scanner will automatically optimize cutting patterns for maximum yield outputs. Autonomous cross or rip cutting, based on detected defects and desired classifications, ensures optimal results. Communication and control of cutting machinery allow for high-speed operations.
Board Optimization
2 Board Scanning Channels

Multiple Scanning Channels

Utilizing 3D laser triangulation and color scanning technology. Imaging is used in combination with AI and other machine vision algorithms for accurate detection of surface defects.
3D laser triangulation


Use Cases





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