Curvature Detection and Measurement

iCurve is a scanning system for curvature detection and measuring. Using advanced color and 3D scanning technology, bow, twist and crook of the boards are measured with utmost accuracy. Cup detection and measurement is always included as well. Board dimensions are accurately presented along with volume calculations. With the use of AI technology and many proprietary machine vision algorithms, surface defects can also be detected. For the best performance, the system is usually used in combination with iFace scanner.
iCurve brochure
iCurve 2

Reliable Curve and Defect Detection

System utilizes cutting-edge color scanning and 3D laser triangulation principles for accurate measurements and curvature detection. AI technology and machine vision algorithms further contribute to defect required defects.
AI powered defect detection
Speed up to 250 boards/min
<1 mm scanning accuracy
Variety of possible board dimensions

Bow, Crook, Twist and Cup

Software for dimension/shape error detection is included as standard. Every board is measured while bow, crook, twist and cup are detected. Boards with curvatures larger than allowed are rejected from the production process. Rules for curvatures allowed are set by operators or preset to comply with standards. Connection with other SMARTI scanners and control of the production machinery is always included as standard.
2 Board Scanning Channels

Multiple Scanning Channels

With the use of advanced color and 3D scanning, accurate curvature measurements are made possible. At the same time defects can be detected on board surfaces. Boards can be flipped or ejected from the production process.
3D laser triangulation


Use Cases





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