Strength Grading Knocking Device

iKnock is a device for predicting strength grade of boards by crating vibration and measuring it with laser interferometer. Each board is kicked by automatic knocking head, vibration wave is created and measured when it bounces back from the other end of the board. Machine then calculates dynamic modulus of elasticity, which serves for strength grade prediction. Device usually works together with SMARTI iCon X-Ray or iCross X-Ray scanner for increased accuracy when predicting strength grades. High speed production workflows are supported, making the solution usable for modern high performance wood processing lines.
iKnock brochure
iKnock in Production

Strength Grade Reassurance

Contact based strength grading provides additional data to SMARTI scanners. Device enables higher accuracy and strength grade verification. Most common strength grades can be predicted, providing reassurance for cutting or sorting applications.
Integration with SMARTI scanners
Speed up to 180 boards/min
Contact based strength grading
Measuring dynamic modulus of elasticity


Use Cases





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